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Why Muhammed Sonday Chose Support the Kids

Picking a charity is not a decision that should be taken lightly. But for one man, choosing Support the Kids was a no-brainer.

Choosing the charity came down to 3 factors:

1. Making Every Dollar Count

When Muhammed Sonday decided that he wanted to give $15,o00 to a charity of his choice, he wanted to choose an organization where he knew that his large donation would do the most good. It is not easy to part with that kind of money but when you know that you are giving it to an organization that works tirelessly to help kids, then it is a given.

2. A Love of the Organization

When you give money to a charity, you don’t only want to give it to one who will spend the money well but one that will spend the money on something you feel strongly about.

Muhammed came in contact with hundreds of poor kids during his childhood in his school and as he grew into adulthood. He also witnessed many who did not have a strong backing and strayed down the wrong path and he wanted to stop that right there.

This is an organization that has proven its worth by helping hundreds of children accomplish their dreams and grow up with the confidence that they can take on the world.

3. Proving That There Are Good People in the World

It is not difficult to see that there is a lot of darkness in our world. Many people don’t have enough money or opportunities to live the lives they desire so Muhammed wanted to prove to the world that there are people like him out there. People who will give up what they have to give to others who need that little push. He thinks that this is officially mission: accomplished.