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When a business professional turns around and gives a good portion of his income to charity, there is bound to be a lot of questions. We are thrilled when people want to learn more about how they can give back to a child in their community so we offer answers to the most common questions.

Q. How did you decide how much you wanted to give?

A. There is a lot that goes into a decision like that. You want to give enough so that you are making a difference but you also want to be sure that the charity of choice has a gameplan in place and that they know how to spend the money the right way so they can make the biggest impact. This is what I thought about when I decided to donate my $15,000.

Q. Can money really make a difference in a child’s life?

A. While it is true that money cannot buy you happiness, it is also true that when spent properly, money can do wonders to better the lives of any child. Imagine if a child cannot go to a good school because it is too far from his home. Well, if you can buy the necessary transportation to get that child to school, then you could be making a difference that they will never forget.

Q. Are there other ways that I can give back?

A. Absolutely! By completing a simple internet search you will come across hundreds of charities that are just begging to have more money to help those in need. If you don’t have money, you could always volunteer at local organizations¬†such as the Salvation Army, at a soup kitchen, at a toy drive in your town or any number of places. It always feels good to give back so give it a shot!